Mobile Phone 3D Screen Magnifier Enlarger Video Screen Amplifier Screen Enlarged Foldable Stand Holder Expander Compatible with All Smartphone


  • PHONE SCREEN AMPLIFIER:- Enlarge the smartphone screen 2-3 times, which relieve the inconvenience and visual fatigue caused by long time focusing on small screen
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE :-The product modeling simple, elegant, light weight, small size and easy to carry, suitable for use in a variety of occasions – indoors, camping, road, leisure and so on
  • RADIATION PROTECTION:-Reduce the problems of watching small screen for long time that eyes will be very uncomfortable and harmful
  • 3D ENJOYMENT MAGNIFIES SCREEN -3D visual enjoyment. The screen makes the phone display bigger, makes people watch more comfortable than traditional flat lens. Effectively prevent the radiation generated by the mobile phone to harming the human eyes.Compatible With all smartphones


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