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Career with us..

 Hey everyone this is we're leading seller of all kinds of mobile accesories & fashion products in india. we 're recruiting a TEAM for buisness development .No investment required to join our team .

why we join with STYLX ?

Everyone in this modern world have buisness idea . but most of the person's start thier idea with thier own or with thier friends or cousins. so that they have lack of investment and knowledge about thier buisness field . so sometimes they fail in thier idea or they can't able to grow thier buisness anymore in this competitive world . so anyone who have buisness idea but don't have knowledge or investment to start thier buisness please share your idea with us . we have young people who're intrested in doing buisness . they have wide knowledge about this digital world . so they share thier idea & start buisness with your idea .

what is the need to start buisness ?

in india every people from poor background family or backward middle class family . in everyday life they go to job , got some under value salary less than 30,000rs per month . this salary doesn't bring you a better life in future . these kinds of jobs dont secure your life in any emergency situation . some people work more than 30 to 50 years to build thier own house . they almost spent 75% of thier life searching money . even a small car or motorcycle or smartphone or home  is  still dream for many people in india . we're don't going to live that kind of life .

For Example :

if your is salary = 30,000rs per month

you spent your salary for home rent, food , petrol, recharge , dresses , current bill, cable bill,...etc

your expense = 20000rs

your salary     = 30000rs

salary - expense = 10000rs saving

if u save 10000rs per month in one year it's just 1,20,000rs with this amount even dont able to build a single room or not able to buy a low range model car or it doesn't fulfill medical emergency needs .

if u do a buisness with us you've earn more than lakhs per month . it fulfill all your financial need & grow your lifestyle & brings a respect in society . and free up your time to explore this wonderful world . it saves your 90% of lifetime & it fulfill your needs and your family needs & it helps to enjoy your life time more freely.

what are the qualification need to join us ?

we don't need any educational qualification or degree .

people with big dreams & Anyone who wants to escape from a gravity of this poor life & want a better life to live in this world . from this day after 5 years who wants to drive a BMW car or live in a place like heaven can join with us.

we need your hardwork to develop our company . your's only investment is your knowledge , your time & your hardwork.

hard working skills , self confidence , motivated mind, big dreamers , knowledge in certain field, who wants to change thier current lifestyle & goes forward in thier lifestyle can join us .

what are all the benefits in working as a  team ?

one hand can't make a sound . like these proverb one man can't take all responsiblities in thier company . if we work as a team we reduce the time of work & also it is the fastest way to develope a company . everone in a team can split up thier work & finish it completely .

Everyone have different knowledge & ideas if we discuss together we find easiest way to solve a problem or compnies development . we didn't give up our confidence anymore.

A good team is a key to sucess for buisness . it's moves our buisness in a balanced manner.


Nothing else.....

who wants to escape from this rat race &  moves to moon race . pls click this link :

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